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नवीनतम संस्करण

संस्करण1.0.3 (4)
अपडेट करने की तारीख18 जुल॰ 2015
डेवलपरZbigniew Ross
इंस्टॉल की संख्या10,000+
श्रेणीगेम, सरल गेम

Cut The Clothes 3D गेम

3 डी में कपड़े में कटौती!

Cut The Clothes is 3D arcade game. Your task is to cut clothes cute anime girl, or release her by splitting the "container" in which she is located. To cut a part of the clothes you need to draw a line forming a closed area, when you do it, the selected area will be cut and disappear.
Default control mode is to touch or hold the direction button on joystick, while you are moving hold the right side of the screen to start draw line. If you stop touch the right part of the screen the drawn line disappear, if you have marked some areas they will be cut and disappear too.
You can change the draw mode in options, in section "Draw mode enter / exit", select mode "on screen touch" in this mode you don't have to hold the right of the screen to start draw lines, just touch right side of screen once to enter the draw line mode, and touch once to finish drawing the line.
NOTE: DURING THE LINE DRAWING THE PENCIL WILL MOVE SLOWER. If a monster chasing you, your chance to escape will increase if you stop draw line.

Cut all the pieces of clothes to go to the next level. Move the pencil and escape from the monsters, you don't have to escape from gifts – collect them to get bonuses/surprises.
If you like the characters in anime style then this game is definitely for you.

- several different stages
- different anime girls
- different outfits
- three-dimensional models / graphics
- bonuses to help game
- easy controls (you can even change the options to play with just one finger without multitouch)

Not only for fans of the anime graphics!
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