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28 जन॰ 2021
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Dj Name Mixer : Mix My Name ऐप्लिकेशन

MixMyName is a free android app which is useful for mixing name in songs. mix your name in dj songs. if you are searching for mix my voice with music then this app is good for you. This is a dj name Mixer app. In this app you can make your name from three methods, Default TextToSpeach, High Quality TextToSpeach and record voice. you can chose any of them. please note that you can not use some functions of you don't install app from play store.

How To Use:
Click on Start Button, You will see three options. TTS, TtsHd and record voice.
After making name you will see list of all audio files. select your song and now you will found Two options. Directly play mixed song or Mix. If You Click on Mix button you have to wait for progressbar to complete 100%. After mixing complete you can play song or cancel.
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