Google Account Manager for Android is the method that provides Google to add multiple accounts to a device and manage their access and verification


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29 मई 2019
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Google Account Manager APP

Manage multiple accounts on your device

Android incorporates Google Account Manager with which we can manage more appropriately the access to the different functions provided by Google through our user account. But you might need to download its APK, so here you have it.

Google Account Manager: manage all your user accounts

Android smartphones require a Google user account for verification in order to access the different services provided by Alphabet (search engine, Google Play, Gmail, Maps, and so on). We have to create one but if we need to manage several of them at the same time, this app provides us with everything we need to be able to add as many as necessary.

Thanks to the latter, you can add other Gmail accounts and then choose the verification method. This app takes care of syncing each account to make them work appropriately on all devices on which they are used, whether smartphones or tablets.

As we mentioned, this function is available on Android by default, but you can still download the application's installation file just in case you needed it for any reason.

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