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3 जन॰ 2018
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House movie APP

HouseMovie is a free portal about movies. This online resource is designed to provide the Internet users with all necessary information concerning movies and TV series. It also supports users with streaming links. All the details concerning the movies will be obtained from the open movie database. The information will be received through free API gates.Our resource includes over 100 of different external streaming services. Our system obtains all those links from the commenting sections, where users from all over the globe download different videos. Our system examines those links and publishes them on our online resource with the streaming links.Our service does not publish information manually, because it is completely automatic. It seeks for new links in the commenting sections and afterwards, our system checks the hoster and adds it to our file storage. Due to this factor, we do not guarantee that all links work properly. Probably, some videos are of low quality or do not contain the correct movie that is mentioned in the link.
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