Hungry Shark promises more blood than ever in this third installment


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5 मई 2015
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Hungry Shark 3 Free GAME

Hungry Shark 3 Free! is an action game where you play a shark who eats all the sea creatures and people in the water, trying to get as big as possible.

You can choose between two different control systems: your device's accelerometer or a virtual joystick. Either way, you move freely in the ocean as a shark, eating whatever crosses your path.

If you run into a school of fish, you'll eat a school of fish. If you run into a turtle, you'll eat a turtle. And, of course, if you run into a group of swimmers, you'll eat the swimmers – all without any hesitation. The only thing you have to look out for is other sharks that are bigger than you and can eat you.

Hungry Shark 3 Free! is a very entertaining game. Although its graphics are a bit outdated, it's still as much fun as when it first came out.
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