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10 जून 2020
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Idle Mons - Monster Idle Game गेम

Idle Mons is an idle / clicker game with multiplayer-features.

Defeat monsters by tapping or just idle and chill!

Go idle, Evolve monsters, collect artifacts and reach unlimited levels in Idle Mons!
Join weekly tournaments and become the best player while idle!
Create a huge guild with up to 30 players and fight big raids with them!

Start with your first avatar and fight against monsters by tapping to collect gold and raise your level. Upgrade your avatars with the farmed gold to unlock the idle damage and reach even higher levels. Most of the avatars are made for idle gameplay.
Every level you have a chance to collect points for upgrading and evolving cute monsters.
These will also help you defeating your enemies in idle or clicker mode.
In Idle Mons you can choose between tapping or idle by upgrading special Skills, Artifacts and Avatars. In the late game the idle becomes more and more powerful.
Play with your friends in a guild with up to 30 players or mess with other players in weekly tournaments.

Play now for free and become the strongest Idler!
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