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16 मार्च 2021
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JPEG Image Recovery APP

Recover your damaged images! With JPEG Image Recovery.

This application is the result of united work of our software developers and our JPEG experts and subject to continuous improvement. JPEG Image Recovery restores a lot of specific and different image errors and can be considered as unique in the world.

Because data recovery is a very complex and computationally intensive process that can't be executed on mobile devices, your image files are examined and repaired in our Recovery Cloud. We use your uploaded data to perform image recovery examinations. All image data that are uploaded to our Recovery Cloud are exclusively used to leverage data recovery. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your uploaded image data. Data recovery with our Recovery Cloud is fully automated. Our employees will not review your uploaded image data in any way, unless you request us to do this. Learn more about our restrictive privacy policy at: https://www.jpeg-repair.org/privacypolicy.html

Available in 25 languages.

20 Years of Image Recovery Experience - Now for Android.

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