KRYPTEX कहते हैं: यो अल्मा


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8 सित॰ 2016
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This quiz is designed in various levels.
The main goal is to reach the next level by solving the riddle.
Each level has one or more problem(s) to be solved.
If your answer is wrong, you remain on the same level. And that simply means, TRY HARDER to get to the answer!!!
People skipping levels will be disqualified (Yes, we do know!!).
Only entries in ascending order for all levels will be accepted.

For time being phones with android LOLLIPOP and above are supported due to insufficient testing on previous versions of android.

Important points to remember while decoding the KRYPTEX
1. After every level cleared, your level status is uploaded to KRYPTEX servers. So make sure that you have proper internet connection.
2. Login without internet is not possible. This is done to ensure genuine participation.
3. If login is successful and after that if you don't have internet access, still you can play the game but your game details wont reach us. So if you uninstall the app and install it again, your level will be set to last uploaded game data.
4. Please be patient while playing the game. Sudden taps may lead to loss of hints during the game.

Android 4.4+ support, LEADER BOARD and new levels coming soon. So stay tuned with the KRYPTEX updates.
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