Marble Castle of Magic has many levels to play Complete all levels


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4 नव॰ 2017
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Marble Castle of Magic गेम

Marble Castle of Magic game has many new items to make games much more interesting and challenging. Try now!!
Marble Castle of magic play tips:
- For different zuman game modes, you need to reach different targets!
- Shoot marble for explosions and matches tinged in groups of 3 or more
- Tap on the transmitter to swap positions between the current and next marble: marble legend
- Swap shoot ball will make it easier
- PROPS: Magic Prop - Destory all the same colors marbe, Colorful Props - Create two marbles of the same color, Bomb Props - Destroy many marbles, ...

Marble Castle of magic highlights features:
- Many game modes: Score Mode, Jewels Mode, Time Mode!
- Easy to start, but hard to master gameplay revenge zuman
- More combo and chain to get more value and three purple stars
- Magic props deluxe: Back, Pause, Magic, Lighting, Fire, Bomb, Blast, Colorful. ,,,
- No Violence, rough pictures inside the game (Match with Marble game for children play)
- Very powerful props, remember to use them! Try to become a Marble Legend.
We believe that everyone is a gamer in the heart and that game is a source of great joy and relaxation. So ezjoy always try to make the game easy and fun. For a marble explosion, we want to make it the best marble style game and your 5 star review keeps us inspired and motivated.

Enjoy the best shooting experience in this Marble Castle of Magic shooting game!

Thanks every game player! Any suggestions are welcome!
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