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15 सित॰ 2016
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MIFARE Ultralight® Card Reset ऐप्लिकेशन

This simple app allows you to reset a MIFARE Ultralight® Type A (Or the first part of a Type C) tag to a set default. Scan to tag once to set, then set the app to reset mode. Each consecutive time you touch the tag it will reset the unlocked pages to what they where. You can also leave the app closed and touch the phone, the app will still recognize the tag and reset it.

This tool is made for developers who would need to reset a tag between tests to see that it works properly. Any use outside of this is beyond what this app is meant to do. This app only tries to reset pages from 4-16 so OTP and lock-bits are not touched. Not even the lock bits which might be reset, this has to be done manually.

MIFARE Ultralight® is a trademark of NXP Semiconductors, this app is in no way connected to or endorsed by NXP Semiconductors.
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