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नामMusic Editor - Free Music, Audio, and Sound Editor APK
संस्करण1.1 (2)
अपडेट करने की तारीख05 जून 2021
डेवलपरHigh Tech Social Leb
इंस्टॉल की संख्या1,000+
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Music Editor - Free Music, Audio, and Sound Editor ऐप्लिकेशन

उन्नत, तेज, व्यावसायिक और संगीत, ऑडियो और गीत को संपादित करने का आसान तरीका

Most Advanced, Professional, and Free Music Editor. Our Audio Editor App will help you to edit any audio, music, or sound file type.

We also support batch operations where you can do a task on multiple files simultaneously at the same time.

Our App also uses as Sound Editor. It Supports sound editing, converting, merging, splitting, inserting, trimming, voice changing, pitch changing, repeating, reversing, and video to audio.


➜ Audio Editing: edit audio support trimming, converting, Fade-in, fade-out, volume changer, speed changer, bitrate changer, frequency changer, and channel changer.
➜ Trim audio: Crop a part of the audio, music, sound, and song. Easy way to Save it & Make your Rington.
➜ Audio Converter: Easily convert any audio files from one format to another format. Support many different file formats such as mp3, aac, Wav, WMA, mp4, m4a, and asf formate.
➜ Video to audio: extract audio from video. Support many different video file formats such as Mp4, 3gp, Flv, Wmv, Avi, Mov, and Mkv.
➜ Video Editing: edit video support trimming, converting, Fade-in, fade-out, volume changer, and speed changer.
➜ Audio compression: Easily compress audio and reduce file size.
➜ Voice Changer: Sound and Voice changer with different funny effects like Male, Female, Robot, Radio, cave, and custom. Let's Apply funny voice changer effects and share them with friends.
➜ Merge Audios: Join two or more audios in one audio file.
➜ Split Audio: Split one audio file into two files at any specific point.
➜ Insert Audios: Insert audio or music in any audio file at fix time.
➜ Volume Booster: Increase or Decrease sound or music volume.
➜ Voice Recording: simple and easy way to record voice.
➜ Pitch Changer: Easy way to change music pitch.
➜ Repeat Audio: Repeat a part of the audio and make loop audio.
➜ Reverse Audio: Reverse a part of the audio.
➜ Speed Editor: Edit audio speed fast and slow. Simpl way to increase or decrease the speed of audio.
➜ Remove Part: Remove a part of the audio and join the remaining parts.
➜ Remove Part: Mute a part of the audio.

★ Batch operation ★

➜ Batch Audio Converter: Convert a list of audio to any format. Are want 100 audio to convert? The batch converter is the best feature for you.
➜ Batch Audio Compress: Compress a list of audio.
➜ Batch Volume Booster: Increase or Decrease volume for a list of audio.
➜ Batch Video to Audio: Convert a list of videos to any audio format.

Song Editor - Simply edit any song using edit song

Wants to edit songs like speed change, volume change, pitch change, voice change?
Song Editor is the best tool for you because you can do all task using our Free Song Editor App.

Music editor free:-

Our Music Editor App will help you free to edit any music like trim music, convert music, insert music, mute music, remove music, change music pitch, volume increase and decrease, reverse music, repeat music.

voice editor:-

Are you find the best free voice editor?
We are the best choice for you because our App supports voice recording where you can record your voice in simple step. using your voice you can change pitch, volume and many more.

Song mixer:- mix many songs in a single song using an audio mixer.

Want to make a list of a song in a single file?
Music editor feature Merge audio helps you to join multiple songs in a single song file.

Music cutter:- Cut a part of the music and save it. You can cut music fast and easy way using an audio cutter.

Step to set cut music-
Choose music
Select trim music option
Select part of music for cut
Click on download

Ringtone maker:- make your ringtone from any music, audio and songs.
Step to set ringtone-
choose audio
edit audio and save it
go to the output folder and choose more option
select set ringtone option

Music editing:- edit music supports Increase/Decrease music volume, Insert music, slow music, fast music, Mute, Remove, Reverse, Repete and more.
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