यहां तक ​​कि मुक्त करने के लिए इंटरनेट कनेक्शन के बिना दुनिया के लिए कनेक्ट।


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13 मार्च 2018
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PeN Chat, Connect to the World Online or Offline APP

PeN is Connecting the World!

Keeping in touch with friends, families and fans, PLUS your safety is made easier and better, whether online or offline:

- Free and unlimited voice and video calls and instant messages to other PeN users
- Make calls and send sms to PeN and non-PeN users inside the app even when offline
- Share or post updates, pictures, and videos
- Earn PeNNeY rewards daily while using the app's social features
- Easily monetize your fans and followers directly, through views and likes
- Mine PeNNeY rewards by using the app and activating offers
- Win daily rewards and exciting prizes
- Shop using your PeNNeY rewards and credits
- Free calls and messages to non-PeN users or any valid and supported phone numbers using PeNNeY
- See what your friends are up to
- Get instant notification for calls, chats and selected posts
- See where your friends are or share your location
- Send personal emergency alerts even when offline
- Send emergency alerts to authorities and contacts during life threatening situations
- Discover and explore new places
- Stay alert and keep track where outbreaks of infectious diseases are present

A starting balance of 10.0 PeNNeY are given to each new PeN user, or PeN Pal, as we call them. This can be used to call and send SMS to non-PeN users. You can also earn more PeNNeY rewards for free so you wouldn’t run out of credits. This will allow you to spend more time talking to your families and friends - even when they don’t have internet connection. More importantly you now can exchange your PeNNeY rewards to purchasde digital products, physical products and shopping gift certificates.

Earn PeNNeY rewards by:
- Rewards by simply using the app
- Special Offers
- In App Purchases
- Lucky Draw
- Mine PeNNeY rewards with likes on your post and liking other posts

PeN connects people all over the globe, even those who do not have internet connection. We enable social interaction between people with phones, whether wireless or wired. And let’s not forget about safety where PeN ensures it anywhere, anytime.

Problems downloading the app? See http://www.penchat.net/user-guide/registration
Still need help? Please tell us more at support@penchat.net

Terms of Service http://www.penchat.net/terms-of-service
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