Prayer times : Ramadan 2021 Calendar Azan & Qibla APK

Prayer times : Ramadan 2021 Calendar Azan & Qibla


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नामPrayer times : Ramadan Calendar Azan & Qibla APK
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अपडेट करने की तारीख25 अप्रैल 2021
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Prayer Times
4 Qul
6 Kalimas
Qibla Finder
Tasbeeh Counter
Ramadan Calender

Prayer times : Ramadan 2021 Calendar Azan & Qibla ऐप्लिकेशन

Prayer Times - Ramadan Calender 2021 - Namaz Time Azan And Qibla Finder

Is it hard for you to find the accurate prayer time? We have got a solution for you.

Prayer Times app will help you offer your prayer on time. With this app you can find accurate Qibla direction no matter wherever you are. Updated Ramadan calendar, Hisnul Muslim, and Tasbeeh counter and other similar features for you.

Do you know what’s the most obligatory prayer in the world? Right! Salat. According to Hadith, it is the foundation of Islam. It is obligatory upon us to perform prayer on time. Therefore, with the collaboration of some famous Islamic institutes we have created this app. What we want is to make Muslims around the world aware of the accurate prayer timings. The app display accurate prayer times such as Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha. This app has ability to show accurate salat timings city or country wide. No matter in what part of the world you're in, this app will show precise salah time.

The feature that makes it different from other apps is updated Ramadan calendar 2021. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a calender in your pocket. So sehr and iftar according to your local timings.
For ease we have placed a feature to support multiple languages. You can select your native language. Read 6 Qalmas, Azkar and Qul with translation.

Spend your leisure time by reading hadith. So we have included tons of hadiths for you. Read haidiths in your mother tongue. We have collected hadiths after research. So the hadiths are authenticated. Another distinguishing feature of this app is simple and easy to use interface.

Features of this app:
The features of this app that makes it different from other apps are,
Accurate Prayer Times:
You will get notified of when a prayer time starts and when it ends. The app will also send azan alerts to your android device.

4 Qul:
With this app, you can read 4 Quls with English translation.

Tasbeeh Counter:
Tasbeeh counter included for azkar. This counter allows you to tally whatever activity you wish. Click on the big button to start the counter. Press the reset button to reset it. And you know what? This app can keep track of your daily azkar.

6 Kalimas:
Another astonishing feature of this app is all 6 Kalimas. With Arabic you can read its English translation. So learn them by heart using this app.

Ramadan Calendar:
This app includes an updated Ramadan calendar. Know accurate sehr and iftar timings using this app. You can name this feature as pocket size calendar.

Qibla Direction:
Finding accurate Qibla direction is no more difficult now. To find precise Qibla direction this app uses digital compass. This digital compass works even when there is no magnetic field around. Even with no network connection you can find the precise direction.

Asma ul Husna:
This app contains 99 names of Allah in Arabic. Also you can read their English translation.
The main purpose of this app is to make you closer to your Creator.
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