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नामWhitty vs sarv MOD APK
संस्करण1 (1)
अपडेट करने की तारीख29 जून 2021
इंस्टॉल की संख्या10,000+
श्रेणीगेम, संगीत

Sarvente Vs Whitty Week FNF गेम

Whitty will battle sarvente friday night. Help him win!

Sarvente is the nun at a church in Mid Fight battles, where Boyfriend and Girlfriend end up battling her, but this game you play as whitty, which you can fight Sarvente & ruv and their son selever.

Whitty will battle sarvente friday night funkin rap battle in Friday Night Fun vs Sarvente mod, the player must pass multiple weeks, ruv week, selever week, whitty will need to win against different opponents.

in this fnf mod music game, you play as whitty vs sarvente week battle, you and whitty will sing music raps notes which you must match while pressing the arrows in Sarvente vs whitty mod for friday night fun kin.
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