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10 मई 2022
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SoundID: Headphones Sound Cool ऐप्लिकेशन

Music sounds so much better with SoundID! Tailored to your preferences and hearing, adjusted to your existing headphones.

Complete simple steps to create your SoundID:

- Choose your headphones
- Complete the Preference test
- Listen to music with SoundID turned ON
- Prepare to be amazed

SoundID is based on industry leading technology from Sonarworks, used to record your favorite artists like Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Madonna, Rihanna, The Killers, Adele, Coldplay and many more in over 100,000 pro recording studios 🎸

Maximize your listening experience

🎧 Unlock the full potential of your existing headphones
🎵 Tailor sound to match your personal taste
✅ Make fine-tuned adjustments for your hearing with a simple and intuitive test
❤ Get personalized sound effortlessly

Why SoundID?

* Patented data-driven technology. Based on the largest research conducted on consumer sound preferences ©
* Sound personalization done right. The only solution in the industry that focuses on all three critical parts - calibrated headphone profiles, personal preference and hearing measurement.

Once you've created your SoundID, you can then listen to a list of apps that support playback options that are required for SoundID to work on Android devices (Android 9+) or listen anywhere if you have SoundID enabled headphones - Drop + THX Panda, Monolith by Monoprice M-TWE, Grell TWS/1, Drop TWS1X where SoundID is built into headphone firmware 🎧🎵

List of apps that support SoundID:
* Spotify
* YouTube Music (ex. Google Play Music)
* Deezer requires additional setup (enabling 3rd party equalization app)
* Apple Music
* VLC / requires additional setup - Settings > Audio > Audio Output > OpenSL ES
* PlayerPro / Settings > Audio > Effects > check “system sound effects”. After app restarts: upper bar EQ > ON
* Musicolet / Settings > Audio > Equalizer > Equalizer to use > System Equalizer
* Oto Music
* Shuttle
* Phonograph
* Muzio
* Podcast Addict
* DI.FM Radio / requires additional setup (enabling 3rd party equalization app)
.. and more

Tell your friends about SoundID:
* Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MySoundID
* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mysoundid
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/MySoundID
* Learn more: https://sound.id
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