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नामTowing Tractor 3D APK
संस्करण1.3 (4)
अपडेट करने की तारीख09 जन॰ 2018
डेवलपरBest Free Games Ltd
इंस्टॉल की संख्या50,000+
श्रेणीगेम, असल की नकल वाले गेम

Towing Tractor 3D गेम

टोइंग ट्रैक्टर 3 डी में कारों और अन्य वाहनों और टो उन्हें चुनें!

Towing Tractor 3D lets you go on a driving adventure to choose and tow vehicles parked in the wrong spot. Test your skills, drive a truck in the simulator. Upgrade your transport and open new levels. Drive through simulator's locations and find all offroad trucks to transport them. But be accurate, don't lose any cargo. Keep driving your tow truck on the city roads and rescue the people in trouble.

Use a the mechanism to hook trucks. Transport vehicle to the right place and earn money. Upgrade your offroad truck to drive more accurate and move all the car in time. Become the best car recovery service’s worker with this 3D simulator! Start your duty as the ultimate trucking driver to lift, park and save busted and accidental cars.

Relive the experience of handling a heavy crane and forklift. To win in this free driving game, just dust of your driver’s hat, sit behind the wheels of your 4x4 wheeler and hit the gas. Your focus should only be on taking your towing cars job seriously. All challenging levels awaits for you to show your driver and parking skills. Provide emergency services to the people in the modern city.
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