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23 मई 2022
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WhaleFin - Neobank & Neobroker ऐप्लिकेशन

Digital Wealth. Built Different.
Download the WhaleFin App and register to start owning $25 in Bitcoin with WhaleFin.

[ About WhaleFin ]
WhaleFin is a product of Amber Group, a global FinTech unicorn backed by some of the best investors across the world.

Future wealth will be built differently. We are entering a digital metaverse, enabled by technologies such as blockchain, AI, and big data. WhaleFin is here to empower you with the tools to build and the platform to grow your wealth digitally. On WhaleFin, you can finance flexibly, invest intelligently, purchase powerfully, act admirably, and earn effortlessly.

1. Exclusive to New Users
- Register to start owning $25 in Bitcoin with WhaleFin.
- Earn up to 16% APR on BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDⓈ.

2. Invest Intelligently and Earn Effortlessly
- Deposit to your Wallet, and earn interest instantly on 50+ cryptocurrencies with up to 5% APY. The interest is paid out daily to help you earn more over time.
- Subscribe to a Fixed Earn to get higher interest. You can redeem whenever you want in case of any emergency need of funds off.
- Customize your investment from 1 to 365 days and earn up to 8% APR.
- Sophisticated investors can use Dual Currency, WhaleFin's tailored structured product, to sell high or buy low while earning high yield.

3. Finance Flexibly
- Trade your assets flexibly with diverse features including Swap, Spot, Margin, and Execution (beta).
- Swap between 20+ coins based on real-time exchange rates. One-click swap, no service fee.
- Spot Trade at highly competitive pricing as WhaleFin is closely connected with 100+ exchanges & venues.
- Margin Trade using Earn assets as collateral, add leverage, and improve the capital efficiency of your entire portfolio.
- With Execution trading, a type of quantitative trading, you can place rational and precise orders while minimizing the market impact by incrementally executing them.

4. Borrow Against Your Assets Efficiently
- Borrow more money at lower rates than the market average.
- Borrow against your assets while earning a return by using your investments as collateral.
- Pick flexible terms varying from 7d, 30d, or 90d commitments, to open-term.

5. Store Your Assets Securely
- Store your assets securely, as security is WhaleFin's top priority. WhaleFin has built the most comprehensive security protocols in history, and partnered with industry-leading security infrastructure providers including Fireblocks & BitGo.

6. Refer a Friend and Earn Rewards
- Receive 10 USDⓈ for every qualified referral.
- Earn a bonus of 10% reward on your referral's interest from Fixed Earn, Custimizable Earn, Dual Currency, and Loan.
- Earn a bonus of 30% commission on your referral's trading fees.

* New to WhaleFin? The innovative design on the WhaleFin App lets you switch between Lite and Pro interfaces with a single tap. Keep it simple or access advanced features, all in one app.

* Please note that the availability of the products and services on the WhaleFin App is subject to jurisdictional limitations. WhaleFin may not offer certain products, features and/or services on the WhaleFin App in certain jurisdictions due to potential or actual regulatory restrictions.

[ Contact Us ]
Website: www.whalefin.com
Email: service@whalefin.com
Telegram: @WhaleFinSupport
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