WhatSpeak is multi-utility messaging, calling & video chatting app.


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16 मार्च 2016
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WhatSpeak is a multi-utility, messaging, calling and video chatting application for mobiles and desktops. This mobile messaging app along with its desktop version is built on a robust cross-platform that allows you to chat with your friends endlessly and interact with corporate efficiently. You get to share files, photos, audio, and video, make calls and video-chat! Available for all Android and IOS devices.

Download the WhatSpeak app for free. This powerful instant tool brings together the best of all features for effective communication in a single mobile application. WhatSpeak is the ‘one-stop’ mobile app for all your communication endeavours. So, chat, share, express and stay connected...always!

Expressing yourself was never this easy and fun all the way! Whether you are chit-chatting with friends or conducting an overseas business meeting. WhatSpeak is an ingeniously built multi-utility application that incorporates state of the art technology and is specially developed to provide uninterrupted communication. Prepared with the highest precision, it aims to make the entire activity an enjoyable one with it’s wide range of features.

With this application, you have at your disposal a galore of features –

- Interactive Chatrooms- The specialty here is that you will find chat rooms that allow only members of the opposite sex to be present. This caters to the free Group Chat.
- When you become a member, WhatSpeak opens it’s doorway to a bountiful of features that are waiting to be utilized. Try them out and see for yourself as you harness the potential of WhatSpeak A panorama of options like the Video Chat, Voice Call and Video Call options enable you to have real time conversations with your contacts and loved ones anywhere all over the world. One of the unique selling points of What Speak is that it allows you to make calls from your desktop as well. Now isn't that amazing?
- As it is applicable for all desktops, laptops, androids and smart phones WhatSpeak utilizes your WiFi or 3G (when available) to connect you with your family, friends and even people from your professional sphere. You can send them messages for free. That’s not all. There is more. You can send and receive free messages, pictures, audio and video messages.
- Migrate from SMS to WhatSpeak today and experience the difference for yourself. A whole new world awaits you with user- friendly tools and features that allow you to express yourself clearly and enables you to establish your view- points in crystal-clear manner through effective communication.

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