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25 जुल॰ 2016
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World of Car Games गेम

World of Car Games is a platform app for game geeks and car racing games lovers. Our professional editors test the games and select the elaborate ones. You can read their reviews about the most popular car games and news about the new released and upcoming car games.

When you enter the World of Car Games, you see four lists: Reviews, News, App-list, and Videos. In reviews, there are pros & cons helping you see the negative and positive features of the game, a short description and features of the game. With these reviews, you can evaluate the game and decide to install or not to install. In news, there are full details of the game-play and design of the game. You can follow the new released games, upgrades, new versions, and popular pc games adapted to mobile. Each of the news and reviews are unique.

Car Games is very wide category covering car parking, car driving, and car racing games. To help you find more easily, this innovative app includes the categories: 3D Car Racing, Car Drift, Drag Racing, Rally Racing, Off-road, Kart Racing, and 2D Platform. And also, there are lists of must have, top of the month games. It is impossible not to find what you expected.


- Pros & Cons to indicate both positive and negative features of the games
- Official video trailers watchable in the app
- Completely unique and elaborate
- Scrolling terminal
- Friendly user interface design
- Daily updates by game experts
- Just 1,4 MB file size

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