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HiCredit provides professional credit report analysis and interpretation services. It will help you knowing why your loan applications are always rejected , and provide valuable and personalized suggestions to improve your loan approval rate.

We focus on providing you with high-quality report analysis and interpretation services, unlike other apps who spam you with loan offers. None of your information is shared with any third parties or institutions.

HiCredit currently shows the Experian credit score.

Why is it important for me to know my credit report in depth?

A deep knowing details of your credit report enables you to make better credit decisions. Almost all financial lending institutions evaluate your credit report before approving your credit application. Credit score is a key factor, but it is not the only factor. There are many audit and evaluation items hide in the details of the report. Our service is to extract the contents of these core factors in your report, and help you understand the credit report faster and easier.

With HiCredit app you can explore and avail the below services:

✔ Find out why your loan application is always rejected

✔ Check your credit score and detailed analysis of your credit profile and history

✔ Know your latest credit score every month and see what has changed

✔ Learn what’s influencing your credit score through Score Factors

✔ Improve your credit score with our expert help

Credit score FAQs

What is a credit score and how is a credit score calculated?
Credit score is an indicator of a borrower's ability to make credit payments on time. Credit score is calculated based on the data provided by the banks and NBFC’s to the bureau. Major factors that influence a credit score calculation are timely credit payments, current outstanding balance and new credit enquiries etc.

I have a low credit score. What can I do to improve my score and become loan eligible?
You might have a low credit score due to negative accounts and/or delayed payment(s) in your credit report and HiCredit can help you identify the negative accounts and help you attain better credit health by resolving the issues.

For App issues and support please email us at hicredit.feedback@hotmail.com

Email: hicredit.feedback@hotmail.com

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