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Latest Version

NameHidden Secrets APK
Version1.02 (82)
UpdatedSep 24, 2019
DeveloperHidden Secrets Studios
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Updated - What's New

Added a way to refresh markers on the map
Added a way to skip the AR mini-game tutorial
Updated the SDK for ads
Made improvements to the map

Hidden Secrets: Escape PRELUDE Game

An AR treasure hunt full of mystery, intrigue and challenging puzzles

The past is past ... or is it? Enter a story from outside of time in this location-based AR game. Follow a trail of scattered journal page pieces, master fun mini-games, decode puzzles, and seek the final treasure!

Hidden Secrets: Escape PRELUDE is a NEW and UNIQUE type of game - something like a dynamic puzzle book, mobile Escape Room, Armchair Treasure Hunt! Immerse yourself in a mystery as you try to pinpoint the hidden treasure location.

NOTE: ESCAPE PRELUDE is a pre-story to a larger adventure, Hidden Secrets: Escape In Time - launching soon and awarding cash prizes!

You find a timeworn journal containing just one curious page. Pages are scattered throughout your neighborhood for you to find:
* Go outside to seek the missing journal page pieces.
* Play interactive games to capture them - like Collect Gems, Run the Maze, Pick the Lock.
* Piece together the journal page pieces.
* Follow the mysterious story - a hand-illustrated and scripted journal.
* Solve the journal puzzle. You'll need a pen and paper to help solve the cryptogram, cipher, number, word, or logic style puzzles.

The journal pages contain clues to the location of the final treasure - look for numbers, letters, and/or images that appear strange or out-of-place. Only after you’ve solved the final (7th) journal page and unlocked the virtual world map may you make your best treasure location guess(es).

Fun for everyone!
* Modern Detectives - Do you consider yourself a new-fashioned Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, or Nancy Drew? Bring your mental genius and your traveling shoes to become a sleuth in your own neighborhood (or wherever you may be) to track down the missing journal page pieces and solve the mystery!

* Escape Room Gamers - Looking for a challenge? Using your wits and your wily, master the AR games and solve the cryptic puzzles to unlock the final treasure location!

* Treasure Hunters and Geocachers - Get lost someplace in time ... Follow the trail, decipher the mystery, decode the clues, and locate the final treasure location!

* Families Who Game Together - Work together to solve the puzzles and decipher the clues. An interactive learning experience to improve critical thinking, puzzle and math skills!

The Story:
You'll enter the world of our hero through a window in time. A dreamer, inventor, thinker - the son of a master clockmaker mother and renowned scientist father. Life is disrupted by an insidious Society that desire his father's secrets of time travel and reveals just how far they will go to obtain them . . .

PRELUDE is just a short version of our game - a slice of story that hints at much more to come. Expect the tale to continue in the full game, Hidden Secrets: Escape In Time, launching soon with expanded games, new puzzles, and larger treasures!

When was the last time you had an adventure?

From our small team at Hidden Secrets, this has been a labor of love and fun, and we thank you so much for playing! We hope you enjoy!
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