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Jan 6, 2023
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Hidden Settings For MIUI APP

NOTE: Every Android version has its special options. You can only access the available options for your Android version.

"Get the most out of your Android device with Hidden Settings for MIUI! This powerful app unlocks a wide range of hidden activities and preferences that are not available in the default settings app.

With Hidden Settings for MIUI, you can disable pre-installed apps that you no longer want or need, giving you more control over your device and freeing up valuable storage space. You can also change the default behavior of your apps, allowing you to customize their features and functionality to better suit your needs.

In addition, Hidden Settings for MIUI provides access to private DNS, which can be used to block ads and protect your privacy. This can help improve your browsing experience and protect you from unwanted tracking. Plus, you can use the app to activate VoWifi for unsupported GSM operators. You can even change your band mode to get a better cell network connection and access your notification history.

But that's not all - Hidden Settings for MIUI also includes a range of tools for testing and troubleshooting your device's hardware functions. Plus, it functions as an activity launcher and has a powerful search function that allows you to explore even more hidden settings. With all these features, Hidden Settings for MIUI is a must-have for any Android user looking for extra customization options or just wanting to explore the hidden capabilities of their device. Download the app today and see what you can discover!"

This app is written in Python with the Kivy framework.
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