Police car racing adventurous game for children to keep city clean n peaceful.

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Highway police car chase adventure is the game to keep the city and town roads safe from the robbers. The main idea of this game is to keep the roads free of criminals and robbers. When the high way police car will chase the robbers, they will try to escape. The robbers will try to do different tactics to run away from the police. The robbers and criminals will also do the sharp turn.

High Way Police Car Chase Adventure is a 3D free racing game specially designed for the children. These cars are the sports cars with very high speed. The job of the police officers is to keep the roads and the town safe from these robbers. These robbers disturb the peace of towns. Your duty is to keep the city free of robbers and criminals. You are free to explore the street of the towns in search of the criminals and robbers. Police car chase adventure is a game in which there has one winner. Make sure you find all the robbers and the criminals to keep the city free of them. The police car has to chase the robbers and criminals. These robbers steal the diamonds and gold from the bank. These criminals and robbers disturb the peace of the towns.

This game is having different kind of missions that will increase the interests of the players. You can ride in multiple sports cars. The police have to overcome different obstacles to catch the criminals and robbers. The criminals will have different escape plans. The policeman has to chase them and also apply tricks. The roads of the towns are very dangerous with sharp turns. Policemen have to be courageous to find the robbers.

Highway Police car chase adventure has three control options for the car. Steering wheels arrows left and right.

Highway Police Car Chase Adventure Features:-
• You have to collect fuel coins to move your car.
• Car controlling options
• Best graphics
• Dodging and increasing the speed of the car while chasing the thieves.
• High way Police Car Chase Adventure is the suitable game for all the girls, boys, and adults.
• A beautiful city and town to explore with your speedy police car.
• Chasing the robbers and criminals cars

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Highway Police Car Chase Adventure 1.0

Updated: 2018-05-24 (1 year ago)