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Hindi Calender 2018

Hindi calendar 2018 app has high quality monthly images that allows you to view maasam, vaaram, thithi, and nakshatram information for all days in the year 2018 in Hindi.

* Users can select any month by clicking left and right arrow buttons
* Easy and Simple to use
* Displays the list of festivals in Hindi for the every month.

Hindi Calendar which will show you Calendar View, Choghadiya, Muhurta with all holiday and Festival Holidays.

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Application supports following features :

1) Masam, Paksham, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Sunsign and Moonsign.

2) Panchanga (Thidi,Vara, Nakshathra, Yoga, Karana)

3) Good Time (Amritakalam, Abhijit Muhurtham, Anandadi Yoga)

4) Bad Time (Rahukal, Yamagand, Varjy, Gulik, Dur Muhurat)

5) Horoscope (Daily, Week, Month, Year)

6) Muhurth (Marriage, Property, Housing, New Purchase )

7) Festivals (Particular Month)

* Users can select any date and get information for that particular date.

Hindi calendar 2018 app has high quality monthly images that allows you to view maasam, vaaram, thithi, and nakshatram information for all days in the year 2018 in Hindi.

Following features which are unique to this calendar.

1. All details of tithis (Indian calendar system, also called Panchang. Both Amavasyant and Pournimant Panchang systems have been incorporated)

2. Important days - Along with the regular holiday list, information about various Saints.
3. Images of Deities - Specially produced high resolution images of Hindu Gods.

4. Information about public holidays, auspicious days, auspicious times for various occasions including marriage, upanayan etc.

5. Compiled short notes and articles on Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma)

6. Free articles for the patriotic Indian in you

7. Information for the Spiritually curious people
…. and much more !

Get 2018 Daily Hindu Panchangam Details. Users can find all information in 2018. Very Clean and Good User Interface.

You can find sooryodhayam, sooyaasthamam, chandrodayam, chandraasthamam, soorya rashi, chandra raashi, masam, paksham,subha samay,abhijit muhurtham,amruthakalam,anaditha yoga, rahu, yama gand, varjyam, durmuhurtham, kulika, thidhi, nakshatram, karanam,yogam, of each day.

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