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Oct 25, 2023

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Hindi English Translator APP

Hindi English Translator - translateUp is a free language translator app that helps you in english to hindi translation, hindi to english translation & to learn english. Hindi English translator tranlsates & translateUp provides complete 40 days challenge to make you speak English like foreigners. You can learn to pronounce words, English conversations using voice recognition technology, routine life words & phrases in Learn English module with translateUp & english to hindi translation app.
Learn vocabulary which is classified into various categories. You can start pre-scheduled learning sessions arranged by days & multiple chapters with english to hindi translation app. You can improve your power in English by playing interactive English word games & hindi to english translation app. translateup will translate all hindi to english Translation in a very useful for people studying foreign languages as it supports 50+ foreign languages & translate easily.

translateUp is the simplest translate app in the market. Download now.

# New features of Hindi English Translator - English Dictionary :

★ Offline Translator:
⇒ Now, you can translate words & sentences in offline mode as well with english to hindi translation app.

★ Online & Offline English Dictionary :
⇒ You can translate & get more information about words you are searching for.
⇒ Hindi Meaning, Antonyms, Definition, Example, Synonyms, Adjective, verb, noun, Word suggestions while typing in English Dictionary.
⇒ Type the word manually or use voice input to search in dictionary.
⇒ Use default Hindi keyboard to type words in Hindi language for hindi to english translation app.

# Core features of Hindi English Translator - English Dictionary :

★ AI Camera Translator :
⇒ translateUp app translate text into any language, scan text from printed books, online books, PDFs, & from any place where written text is available using an AI camera.

★ Real-Time Text Translator :
⇒ No internet connection is required. You can copy, paste & share translated text with hindi to english translation app.
⇒ English to Hindi Translation app also provides a real-time voice translator &supports more than 50 global languages.

● Bonus Feature: Spell checker
⇒ Check if your spelling is right or wrong.

★ Learn Words, Sentences & Conversations:
⇒ You will learn new words, sentences & paragraphs every day on English to hindi translation app. Save them & review again from exciting history feature.
⇒ Play conversations to improve your speaking in English. Select difficulty level. Follow instructions & start playing.
⇒ Our voice assistant will talk to you in English.

# Fun-learning features of Hindi English Translator - translateUp :

● Learn English :
⇒ You can choose to learn from beginning or you can continue with some basic knowledge of English.
⇒ To unlock new levels, you must complete test with correct answers.

★ Lessons :
⇒ Learn to speak fluent English in 40 days. App offers pre-scheduled lessons to learn english.
⇒ You need to practice just 1 lesson every day & watch the change after 40 days.

● Learn English Vocabulary :
⇒ Vocabulary is classified into a variety of categories in learn English section.
⇒ Press on any category to learn related words.

● Bonus Feature: Pronunciation
⇒ Type any word to learn to pronounce that word.

★ Play Fun-learning Games :
⇒ Balloon Game
⇒ Scrabble Game
⇒ Spot Error Game
⇒ Jumble Sentence
⇒ Word Game
⇒ Sentence Game

★ Read Articles :
⇒ Read articles to improve your learning experience.
⇒ Tap on any word to know the meaning in Hindi
⇒ Translate any words from PDF files available into your mobile device.

★ Settings :
⇒ You can switch language of the entire app to English or Hindi using hindi to english translation app.

★ Premium Version :
By purchasing premium version, you can access the completely ad-free version of Hindi English translator & translateUp app
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