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"History Of Dinosaurs"

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"History Of Dinosaurs" is the android application useful for all ages of people.

"History Of Dinosaurs" provide users to know the history of Dinosaurs

"History Of Dinosaurs"

Few subjects in the Earth sciences are as fascinating to the public as dinosaurs. The study of dinosaurs stretches our imaginations, gives us new perspectives on time and space, and invites us to discover worlds very different from our modern Earth.

Knowledge about dinosaurs is derived from a variety of fossil and non-fossil records, including fossilized bones feces, trackways, gastroliths, feathers, impressions of skin, internal organs and soft tissues.

Dinosaur remains have been found on every continent on Earth, including Antarctica . Numerous fossils of the same dinosaur species have been found on completely different continents, corroborating the generally-accepted theory that all land masses were at one time connected in a super-continent called Pangaea . Pangaea began to break apart during the Triassic period roughly 230 million years ago.

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