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HitKing Interval Timer Round Boxing app

1. Interval timer, own sound recording. <br>2. Hit Counter/registration of hits.

Hitking is a Swedish-developed easy-to-use interval timer training app

If you need a professional easy-to-use interval timer with function for own recordable sounds with the purpose of motivating you in your workout, test the HitKing app. The app is useful when: running, cycling, boxing, martial arts, gym training and in all training situations where you need help keeping time.

The Hitking app also has hit counter function, this in combination with the hit counter unit is the tool that makes it possible to see and record the number of hits that take place on a certain surface and within a certain time. (hit counter function requires additional HitKing hit counter). The hits are registered through the impact of, for example, strokes or kicks on the hit counter unit and recorded and displayed in smartphone with downloaded HitKing app.

The counting unit makes the performance measurable and contributes to increasing the precision capability. Hitking interval timer can be used without the hit counter unit and then as qualified and easy to use interval timer for all sports.

If you need extra loud sound in eg. noisy gym environments it is easy to connect to a bluetooth speaker. Available for both iOS and Android its free and completely ad-free, first if you want to enjoy extra special features such as eg. various settings for warning signal during work / worktime or rest / resttime, recording own sounds, possibility to register names when using hit counter unit etc. then it costs a small one-time sum.

When downloading PRO version (30days) always contains all functions. You can choose to buy the PRO app at any time at a small cost (on the button under settings). If you have not chosen to buy or test the PRO version during or after 30 days, you do not need to do anything. Just keep using the app for free, after 30 days the app will automatically return to basic version without PRO features, see * PRO.

Why choose this HitKing interval timer app?
• Clear, easy to use and educational.
• Distinct and selectable audio signals.
• Working time display is done with green screen and rest with red, which clarifies activity mode even at long distance.
• Viewing can take place both portrait and landscape.
• The app is completely free in basic design.
• The app is totally free of advertising.
• There are additional features in PRO version that can be tested for free for 30 days without any connection or registration.
HitKing Hit Counter unit
• The worlds first and no 1 appintegrated Hit Counter system with the registration of precision hits that can be used, for example, in boxing training.
• Cataloging of hits that allow you to see past performance.
• NOTE: Hit registration and cataloging is required to have a HitKing Hit Counter unit.

Why should you choose to upgrade to the PRO version? In addition to the above basic version, the PRO version includes:
• * Recording function and the use of own sound or voice as a beep at start, stop and alert.
• * Horn and Bell sounds, as well as various and useful audio functions during work and travel such as. alert with three tap sounds at half time or 10 seconds left during work or rest time.
• * Ability to turn off sound and use vibration only.
• * When the hit counter unit is used in the PRO version, hits can be registered under their own selectable name when cataloging hits.
• Get ready feature that allows adjustable preparation time before the session begins. Get ready is shown with a yellow screen and allows preparation time before the first round begins. Get ready is useful when you need to prepare yourself for a training exercise eg. if you have gloves on and through get ready function you do not need to take off the gloves for example to start the time. Get ready applies only before the start of the first working hours of the session.

We wish you an effective, challenging and productive workout!

HitKing is a registered trademark of PIRA Sweden, for further info visit www.HitKing.se.

Email: info@pira.se

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