Hivr is a BitcoinSV social wallet, secure messenger and tipping platform

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Version2.0.6 (39)
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Free download hivr - BitcoinSV Social Wallet 2.0.6 apk app latest version for android


Hivr is a decentralised easy to use BitcoinSV social wallet, secure messenger and tipping platform. With hivr, you can chat securely with your friends, discover cool content and got BitcoinSV for creating and sharing valuable contents.

Want to show your friends how awesome BitcoinSV is?
Introduce them to hivr, if they've used any social network before, they'll be right at home. hivr is so easy to use its difficult to explain, sending BitcoinSV to each other on hivr is literally as easy as sending a message or liking a post.


The Feed:
You already know how this works, the feed is a curated list of posts based on what you're interested in and who you follow. Within your feed, you can like, comment and reward content creators by tipping them BitcoinSV. You can also create your own post within the feed, you can either post Gifs, Links, Photos, Videos, Music or Text.

The Messenger:
Again this functions like every instant messaging platform you've used, you can chat with your friends privately or create a group chat, and send each other emojis, gifs and other medias. Unlike most messaging platform however, messages sent over hivr features peer to peer encryption utilising, this ensures that no one else (especially not us) can see your messages except you and the recipient. Did we mention that you can also tip and send each other BitcoinSV right within the messenger? Well you can, no third party plugins needed, its literally as easy as sending an emoji.

The Wallet:
The wallet introduces an intuitive, beginner friendly ui, allowing you to pay, send and receive BitcoinSV as well as view your transaction history. The wallet is also decentralised and secure. This means that you are fully in control of private key and therefore your funds. This also gives you the ability to recover your funds via the recover phrase and export your private key into another BitcoinSV wallet application.

What's New

- Major UI overhaul
- Major Backend overhaul
- App size reduced by 80%
- Speed and stability improvements by 90%
- HandCash integration

Latest Version

hivr - BitcoinSV Social Wallet 2.0.6

Updated: 2019-02-28 (9 months ago)