Holy Bible Modern English Version (MEV) APK

Holy Bible Modern English Version (MEV)

Bible mev

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NameHoly Bible WEB APK
VersionBible mev (1)
UpdatedJun 14, 2021
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Holy Bible Modern English Version (MEV) App

Holy Bible to read, lisening, share and compare biblical texts

Holy Bible Modern English Version (MEV)

It is the book inspired by God and written by the chosen men and fulfill their purpose, in it we read about God, his love, mercy and God's plan for us.


Easy to use and allows you to read the sacred scriptures quickly and conveniently
You do not need an internet connection to read.

You can choose the verse.
Bible with audio
Options menu quickly and sensibly.
Option to change the size of the text.
Change of reading background of the book.
Search for words in books, chapters and verses.
Night mode to facilitate reading and decrease the light of the screen.

You can select texts and share with your friends the verses in the different social networks.

The Search menu will allow you to place a word in a text field and search the entire bible, in the old or new testament. If you specify the search range it may take less time to find matches, but if you select the whole bible it will take longer to Find the results.

The configuration will allow you to change the size of the letters and the reading mode (Night and day).

Excellent for the study of the word of God.

APK: Holy Bible WEB, Bible MEV

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