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Calculator for making alcoholic beverages at home.

Version8.5 (190)
UpdatedOct 24, 2020 (1 month ago)
DeveloperEvgeny Kurepin
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The calculator calculates:
1. Grain brags with saccharification of congestion by microbiological enzymes;
2. Automatically corrects the correction of the atmospheric pressure coefficient at the current moment;
3. Weighed enzymes depending on the given activity.
4. Correction of distillate strength by temperature;
5. Current alcohol content in the cube and outlet of the distiller, as well as the current alcohol content in the cube, corrected for atmospheric pressure;
6. Content of absolute alcohol (AC) in fractions;
7. The number of selected "heads";
8. Mixing water of different temperatures;
9. Brags of fruits and molasses;
10. Mixing and diluting alcohol solutions with regard to contraction, with the possibility of calculating both volume and mass;
11. Sugars for a given number of ingredients, volume and spirituoznosti, as well as hydromodule;
12. The minimum amount of fertilizing, inverting sugar and a sample of fractional sugar;
13. Wort Measurement: Calculation of residual sugar content, alcohol content and percent digestion in °Brix, SG, %Sugar;
14. Conducts a laboratory log of fractional distillation with the calculation of the necessary parameters and the possibility of saving the results to a file.

Please note - the application uses special permissions in its work:

1. Geolocation - required to automatically determine the atmospheric pressure of your area (used in calculations with boiling point);
2. Memory access - required to save log files and backups.

All information requested by the application is located on your device and is not collected for any purpose in accordance with the Privacy Policy:

What's New

- Fixed error displaying automation "true";

- Calculation of the replacement of sugar with glucose;

- Added support for the built-in barometer;

- Updated menu in Ukrainian and English localizations;

- Added support for the Ukrainian language;
- Fixed error receiving weather data;

- API level raised to 28;
- Localization;
- Fixed startup errors;

- Updated display of drop-down menus;

- Fixed "Application Stop" bug;

- Added support for the Czech language;

- Fixed Android 8 bug;

Email: homesamogon@gmail.com

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