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How To Make The Concrete License Easily

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How do I create the correct concrete profiles? Lis concrete profile is a material made of concrete and serves to enhance the beauty of a building, both interior and exterior. Usually the installation of profiles is done at a meeting between the walls of the room or ceiling roof. Its application is not only limited to minimalist homes, but classic, ethnic, to modern style houses fit in well with this profile.

Increasing public awareness of the aesthetic value of its dwellings has prompted the growing market demand for concrete profiles. Therefore, the business opportunity by making the product was very wide open. Moreover, the process of making a profile profile using the raw material in the form of concrete is actually not too difficult really. And here is a guide you can try:

Materials needed :

Iron reinforcement
Vegetable oil
Tools used :

Print Lis Profile
How to make :

Prepare the ingredients of concrete mixture consisting of sand, cement, and water with a comparison according to the quality to be obtained. Do not forget to sift the sand first to get rid of pebbles.
Combine the sand and cement into the bucket, then stir until they are evenly mixed. After the grains of sand are not too visible, add enough water into the mixture and then stir again.
Place the concrete profile on a plane that has a flat surface. After that, coat the inside using vegetable oil so that the mold will not stick with the mortar.
Pour the mixture of mortar and sand into the mold. Add some 8 mm diameter reinforcing steel as an amplifier into it. Flatten the mix again until the entire contents of the print is fully loaded.
Let the concrete mix dries in the mold for 30-60 minutes depending on size and weather. Avoid drying it in direct sunlight because it can cause cracks.
Once it is felt that the concrete profile is dry enough, remove it from the mold. Be careful when doing this job because if it appears a little crack can reduce the quality and robustness of the profile lis.
The next process is to dry the concrete profile until it dries completely. It is advisable to hang it when drying this tank let it not curve.
Finishing stage is done by mengampelas lis profile so that texture surface more smooth. In addition to attracting more prospective buyers, the price of a fine trim is also generally more expensive.
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