Homeguard Securities is an intelligently designed mobile-based security app

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Version1.0.2 (4)
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Digitalize and improve the security around you.
HomeGuard is the easiest and fastest way to digitalize security around you. Keep your society secure by putting a check on the intruder’s entry. It protects your vehicles from the unauthorized exit from the society without your permission. Maintains the history of all the visitors visiting your home and also of all your vehicles, entry and exit from the society. Manage your workers from the app directly. Also get access to all the society notices at one place.
With a quick and smooth registration process, the user can start using the app. Sign up for the app by selecting your society’s name and then login with mobile number you used during the registration process. That’s it now you are ready to improve your security.
One click accesses to all your notices, history, profile and worker details. Get access to your vehicles virtual lock from the button on the top right corner. Switch it on/off according to the need. Get access to your personal QR-code in your profile.
Through this app, you will be notified of all the visitors and workers coming to your home. See your visitor details as soon as he steps in your society.
Guard gets more advanced and starts registering all the vehicle and visitor details on the tablets running HomeGuard. They can check the vehicle details in real-time on the app. They can scan the details of the user through the uniquely provided QR-codes in real time. History of people entering the society is getting maintained directly in the cloud.
We are changing the lives of the people living in the society and making it more secure. We are also making the lives of the guard more easier and fun. Lives of the society management are getting better as all the solutions are becoming digitalized and the data is being maintained structurally on cloud and can be accessed anytime in real-time.

What's New

This version is totally new from all prospective,
Now the performance is much better and improved,
Now the IN/OUT history log is totally separated and better.
Now Resident will get a notification whenever they scan there QR
Now QR scan history will be also available in the resident app
Now Resident can also zoom in the profile pic of there helper & their profile
Now Resident can also attach an image to the notice
Now Resident can also draft a notice including the image.

Latest Version

Homeguard Securities 1.0.2

Updated: 2018-04-17 (2 years ago)

1.0.2 (4) 2018-09-28