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Version0.0.2 (2)
UpdatedMay 17, 2021
DeveloperImpex Technology
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Homgrocers Seller app

Looking for the best app to start your online business.

Now selling your products on HomGrocers or managing your HomGrocers business is quick & Easy with the HomGrocers Seller App. It’s simple with just 3 steps:
Start Selling on HomGrocers
• Register as HomGrocers Seller
• List your products and create your online store
• Go Live & start selling

Manage your existing HomGrocers business:
• Download the App
• Login in to your HomGrocers seller account

Now you can create your own online presence with HomGrocers Seller App - India’s trusted online business app. Whether you are an entrepreneur with an existing business or any individual with a passion to grow, HomGrocers seller is widely used online selling app with more than 5 lakh+ businesses.

5 Major Benefits of selling online on Homgrocers.com

• Visibility to millions of HomGrocers customers Chennai, Bangalore cities (Rajaji Nagar and surrounded - 1000 of customers served so far.
• Stress-free delivery of your products – Choose between Self-shipping, Easy ship or Fulfillment by HomGrocers to ship your orders.
• Get Protection against fraudulent orders
• Easy listing of Your Products
• Secure and Timely Payments – Get your funds directly deposited into your bank accounts for the orders delivered

How to sell online on HomGrocers –

The following are the basic requirements to start your selling journey on Homgrocers:
• An active Bank account for Payments,
• GST & PAN details.

Steps to begin your online business with Homgrocers.com
1. Register your Seller Account –

Register on HomGrocers seller app to begin your seller journey, once you register, you will gain access to seller central, your one-stop portal for all your online selling needs

2. Upload your Product Listings & Go Live –

Post-registration, start listing your products. You can take all the support required for product photography, cataloging & listing related services.

3. Start Receiving Orders –

The listing enables visibility of your products to millions of HomGrocers customers. Your product can reach potential buyers and businesses every day. Once a customer sees and buys your product you will start receiving orders. You can also advertise on HomGrocers to target customers relevant to your business and expand your online business.

4. Ship & deliver the products to the customer –

Once an order has been placed for your products, you will receive a notification by email as well as in your seller central dashboard. You can choose between self-shipping, Easy ship or FBA to deliver your products.

5. Receive your Payments –

Post-delivery of your products to the right customer, payments will be initiated and deposited securely into your registered bank account automatically.

Most Frequently asked questions –
1. What are the charges for selling on Homgrocers.com?

To sell on Homgrocers.com, you pay Referral Fees and Closing Fees. There are also separate fees for Easy Ship and FBA. All pricing details are accessible post App installation

2. What Products can I sell on Homgrocers.com?

HomGrocers seller app is one of the best apps to sell stuff online, you can sell products from various categories like fresh vegetables, grocery, International products items etc.

*Please note that certain categories are restricted and need prior approval before you can start selling them on HomGrocers

3. How can I reach out for Help & Support?

If you are not currently selling on Homgrocers.com and want to learn more, you call us on +91 97418 25134 and provide your details. Post-registration you can also contact seller support through your Seller Central account.

So what are you waiting for? Start selling on HomGrocers seller app – India’s trusted online marketplace

Email: info@homgrocers.com

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