Hongyun 3-Player Malaysian Mah-Jongg APK

Malaysia local three mahjong, come to experience

Version3.4.19032206 (19032206)
UpdatedMar 22, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperQJ Game
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1. Custom opening function makes it so easy to make an appointment between friends. You can organize an online meeting with friends anytime and anywhere, and you can also customize the rules of the game to specify your favorite game.

2, club functions make your bureau more convenient, and you can also know more friends who like the same.

3, leisure field function, providing the most traditional game mode, free table.

[rules of the game]

1. Basic

Tube 1-9 each 4, wind card 4, Wrigley 4 each.

Two, start to touch the number of cards.

Only 14 banker and 13 others.

Three. Rules

Touch cards: other players play cards, two of their own hands, you can touch, touch out to play a card.

Clear bar: first touched the card, after their own touch to a card, you can choose "bar" (the bar must be the first time bar, if there is no first time bar, can not bar again).

Underground bar: There are four identical cards in hand, you can choose "bar" (Underground bar, do not need the first bar, as long as there is this type of card, each time it is the user's turn to play, you can choose bar).

Release: Play a card by oneself. If a player has the same card in the hand of the same table, the user can "catch the bars" and the player who plays the card is to release the bars.

Connecting bar: corresponding to "putting the bar", someone's "put" corresponds to someone's "pick up".

Hu: Hu must have a pair of eyes in his hand. The remaining cards must be "Shun Zi" or "kan".

[warm reminder]

When friends share location information through GPS, although it can improve the product experience, it will affect the battery life time.

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