Fight for survival against waves of enemies!


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Apr 10, 2024
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Greetings from the hidden forest, survivor!
Dive into the Fantasy Realm of Survival! People are waiting for the hero's arrival.
Survive waves of enemies to defeat the challenges of the new year 2024 and win.
Embark on an epic adventure in - Legend Survival, an exhilarating game that combines the thrill of survival with fantasy elements. As a courageous blacksmith hero survivor in a mysterious lum world, you'll encounter a variety of fantasy characters, including powerful lum mages, skilled blacksmith heroes, and fearsome armor-clad monsters. Your goal is to takeover the realm by master a unique blacksmith wizard weapon and armor, strategically using mage magic abilities, and defeating the lum monster. Survive and defeat waves of enemies in the 2024 battleground.

📌 Effortless Leveling
- Begin as humble warriors and evolve into a Hero.
- Collect equipment and earn EXP.
📌 The Thrilling Battles
- Confront formidable demonic bosses in challenging stages!
- Survive the waves of the enemy!
📌 Customize and Enhance Your Equipment
- Enhance your preferred gear to boost your power.
- Explore various bonuses like Archery, Critical Hit, and Spacey for a customized experience.
📌 Collect Genies and Companions
- Forge bonds with fellow companions and become Heroes together!
- Tame incredible beasts and summon loyal genies to aid you on your journey to Legend Hero.
📌 Various Characters System
- Warriors fighting as Zombie Slayer
- Wizard with magic hands
- Archery long-distance target hunting
- Necromancer who recruits souls in the undead war
Explore lush landscapes filled with takeover watermelon, potato, watermelon, potato, and other slither resources essential for your survival. Engage in moments as you battle monsters, gather supplies, and enhance your arsenal. Survive waves of enemies.
The game's slither-style gameplay adds an extra layer of excitement as you strategically navigate through challenges to become the ultimate survivor. Unleash your inner warrior, customize your weapon, and be a hunting master.
Survive and defeat waves of enemies in the 2024 battleground.
Dominate the slither battlefield, conquer magic realms, and become the master of - Legend Survival!
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