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The best Libra Horoscope application for android, so you have on your cell phone and check daily to find this new day for your sign. Find out what the stars have for you, take your day with tranquility and well-being with this horoscope APP.

Daily and weekly APP so you can consult today that the future holds for the people of Libra.

The Libra are among the most civilized signs of the zodiac. They have charm, elegance and good taste, they are kind and peaceful. They like beauty and harmony and are able to be impartial in conflicts. However, once they have reached an opinion about something, they do not like to be contradicted. They like to have the support of others.

A Libra tends to be sensitive to the needs of others and is usually very sociable. They can not stand conflict and cruelty and are very diplomatic in the face of conflicts. They usually seek consensus before a conflict situation. They appreciate the efforts of others and like to live and work as a team. The negative side of a Libra is frivolous and it is easy to change your mind or loyalties. They do not like routine and often lack the ability to face others.

They love pleasure and this can lead them to commit certain excesses in their life. They are very curious, what can be a virtue if they invest in discovering new things, but also a defect if it leads them to get too involved in the life or affairs of others.

Libra symbolizes justice, equity, balance, the complementary principle, agreements, relationships, beauty, artistic culture, harmony, refinement, autumn, diplomacy and contracts.

Horoscope Libra

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