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This is Best astrologer app Provides you online astrology consultation.

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If You Believe in Horoscope & Palmistry then This The Most Useful App for You.

Horoscope, Palmistry And Tarot Reading By AstroGuru With this App You Get all Information About Horoscope, Palmistry And Tarot Reading in Details.

In this App You Can Select to get Information Like Weekly Horoscope, Monthly Horoscope,Yearly Horoscope..

You Can do Match Two Person Horoscope and to get Imformation About it in Details.

This App is So Easy And Give result Verry Fast for Your Any Query About Horoscope, Palmistry And Tarot Reading.

This Horoscope, Palmistry And Tarot Reading By AstroGuru App's Can Use Anyone Anywhere and Also FREE!!!

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How To Use?

- First Open This App And Click On "Start" Button

- Here Click On "Horoscope" and then you see '12+' Differant type of horoscope Like Aries, Taurus, gemini..
and you select one and there you see deatails about which you select Horoscope.

- And here you select One Horoscope then You Can Select Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Which You like

- And You see More Details of Horoscope Like Symbol, BadTraits, Cardinality...

- and Here you Can Match Two Person's HoroScope And Get Imformation in Details, How's it's Match?

- Then You Click On "Palmistry" Button and You See '6+' differant Types of palmistry Like Life Line, Head Line..and then select which you like

- here also you see '6+" and you select in one and click on "Next" and see here Two option and select one then also select one

- And then you can see more Information in details.

- Then You Click On "Tarot Cards" here you See 6+ Differants Type of Tarot cards and You Do Select One

- And here You can See Differant cards and select All Of Cards Then Click On "Read Card" and here You can See More Information in details

Available In App

- Horoscope
- Aires
- Taurus
- Gemini
- Cancer
- Leo
- Virgo
- Libra
- scorpio
- Saggitarius
- Capricon
- Aquarius
- Pisces
- Weekly Horoscope
- Monthly Horoscope
- Yearly Horoscope
- Horoscope - Details
- Symbol
- bad Traits
- cardinality
- compatibillity
- Good Traits
- Vibe
- Secret Wish
- ruling Planet
- Physical Traits
- Mental Traits
- Favorites
- How To Spot
- Hates
- Element
- Keywords
- Palmistry
- Life Line
- Head Line
- Heart Line
- Line Of Fate
- Type Of Hand
- Type Of Finger
- Torot cards
- Daily
- Yes/No
- Pentacles
- wands
- Swords
- Cups


- Palm Reading
- Astrology Predictions
- Horoscope Matching
- Tarot Card Reading
- Lucky Number of the Day
- Lucky Color of the Day
- Daily Motivational Quotes
- Weekly Horoscope
- Monthly Horoscope
- Yearly Horoscope
- East To Use
- Share with Others

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