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More than 250 horror sounds and videos from scary movies clips.

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Do you want to listen to the most creepy horror sounds from night stories to tell in the dark? Have you seen the latest 2020 scary movies clips?
If you want to spend a funny time watching terrific legends and stories and horror videos, download this free app and discover terror scary sounds like staying on a real scary movie clip.

Use our video player and navigate through more than 250 short horror stories and scary sounds or other creepy audio. Listen to scary sounds from most popular paranormal activity, terror movie clips, recorded real psychophonies, and haunted house ghosts. All our content is worldwide so, you will play horror sounds in several languages like Telugu Hindi Nepali Bangla, English French Spanish Russian, Dangdut Amharic Latino, and many others.

Just close your eyes and focus on your brain to live your own creepy paranormal experience. You will listen scary asmr sounds of terror selected from real urban legends. You will feel the panic and live a nightmare. Choose one of the scariest horror sound and play it! Remember, you should avoid using this app if you have heart problems. Navigate through our easy playlist and find your favorite free scary movie clip and documentaries. You will love it, this app is awesome!

What are you going to find in this app?
- Horror tunes and 2020 creepy stories.
- Terrifying zombies sounds running in the cemetery / graveyard.
- New selection of granny horror movie videos.
- Filtered selection of urban legends from the past and scary asmr sounds.
- Popular stories like bloody mary monsters, the babysitter and the man upstairs, the hook (Hookman) lost ghost, some poisoned candy myths legend, the famous killer in the backseat, black dog bunny man and the ax, the chupacabra and other horror animal documentary like sewer alligator, slenderman skeleton in a tree, the scary maze fighting with vanishing lady and other creepy movies.
- Psychophony sounds from haunted houses.

How does our movie clips player work?
We use the YouTube App to play streaming scary sound videos. You only need an internet connection, it's 100% free, we don't include any kind of in-app purchases. Select your favorite horror movie clip and play its sounds in your Android device. We will keep updated the list frequently to add new 2020 terror sounds.

So, what are you waiting for downloading this awesome documentary horror video player?
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Email: asofreeapps@gmail.com

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