Get ready to drive real vintage cars and drop the passengers at beach party!!

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Yes summer vacations are over here guys it’s time to party and go for a holiday and we all love beach don’t we so it’s the perfect place for spending your summer vacations on beach here in USA America with your friends and family. Join us at the beach party everybody shows their perfect steps dance moves and keep the party rocking don’t they?? This happens in every beach party of the world but special things happen only in America. Grab your favourite cool drinks with you in the summer beach party we love fresh lime don’t we cool drink hot sun and some tanning on your skin. So drive your open roof classic car on the beach to pick up friends and drop them off to the beach for summer beach party your friend like music don’t he? Drive the super cool classy classic car and dance in the car too yes turn your disco mode on because its summer vacations. Tourists will be there too because in these summer vacations everybody comes to beach party kids and adults we all love to play around dance and play games and sports. Sand field is beautiful you will driving on it too just check the map where to pick up the guy it’s quite hot and your party can be the biggest party on the beach you are going in so get ready for the beach party Americans music and a lot of fun.
When you go at the beach party your dressing should be casual and funky type bright shirts and shorts your dressing should be according to beach if you have done workout enough and make your six packs then the scene is different than you can show off a little bit. Anyways summer is here so the beach party your holidays is about to start get ready for beautiful sun shine and be prepared for tanning your skin this is the best time to tan. Make sure you pick the right clothes for it because cool funky things are in fashion follow the trend and drive a classic vintage car around the old beautiful beach city experience the feeling of driving on the beach and sunshine you have to be careful it’s quite windy here too drive carefully and be on time with our new 3D game Hot Summer Beach USA. A very sunny day in USA with best beach atmosphere with awesome music beautiful sea environment you wait for this all day every year don’t you? Especially in winters when we will go to the beach party and have fun with our friends and family play with them dances. It’s a grand ocean with beautiful blue water of USA you will love to party in this beach. Enjoy the sunbathing make your skin tan with sun rays at deckchair don’t you love this all in summer holidays? In this game you have to rescue the casualties because sometimes people get them injured on the beach too and get drinks for the people and dance too so it’s full if fun and excitement.
So make sure enjoy these summer vacations are the best one if you didn’t enjoyed on the previous summer vacations. It’s a game with everything in it you just name it so let’s make this summer unforgettable and play this game. Make sure you share this game with your friends and family too. Woohooo partyyyy!!
Hot Summer Beach USA Game Features:
- Rock the summer party and make it remember for this lifetime.
- Different awesome levels with different environments to stroll the seaside.
- Amazing 3D beach and USA old city environment with awesome graphics and animation.
- Simple smooth and easy controls with realistic driving experience and explore the sea environment.
-Absolutely free game to play.

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