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How to Be is the best app for personality development and consistent motivation.

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UpdatedMay 08, 2019 (1 year ago)
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How to Be is the best app for personality development in areas like "Happiness", "Confidence", "Charisma", "Motivation", "Gentleman" and "Lady". The main goal of this app is to improve your personality not just for the short but long term.

The app How to Be provides for every above listed category personality development tips, specific exercise as well as challenges so you can actively integrate the new knowledge into your own life. This app will consistently improve your personal lifestyle, your habits and overall comfort.

Currently only the category "Happy" is accessible but the other categories will be released soon.


Awesome Personality Development Content
How to Be provides for categories like "Happiness", "Confidence", "Charisma" and "Motivation detailed advices about how you can improve yourself in these specific areas. In each category there are several chapters which lead you step by step to an awesome personality.

Individuell Practices
After reading one chapter, How to Be will test your understanding about this new learned subject. This practice allows you to rehearse the content again and again so you are able to deeply understand its full meaning.

Daily Motivational Challenges
From there on the app How to Be will consistently challenge you to integrate the learned skills into your own life. How to Be will actively encourage you to work hard on yourself until you're the person you desire to be.

Beautiful Designed Diary
Writing all of your thoughts, successes and failures into your diary enables you to continuously keep track of your progress. Your diary entries are also supposed to motivate you and reveal your full potential during your personal journey.

Easy To Use To-Do-List
The development of a great personality is sometimes difficult to keep track of due to too many taskes at once. The here implemented To-Do-List is therefore able to support you to solve all of your challenges as well as guides you through your personal development process.

Learn, implement and improve yourself long-term
How to Be will help you change your personality radically with easy to follow chapters. In the app you will receive access to the following categories:
🤸 Happy
👧🏼 Confident
🤴 Charismatic
🏋️ Motivated
🤵🏼 Gentleman
💃 Lady

The content in How to Be is always written by direct experts in their fields, which garants yourself the best advices you can get.

Personality is one of the most important qualities of a person. Everyone should invest some time regularly in grooming his or her personality. All successful, happy or confident people have on thing in common that is a good personality which is appreciated by everyone. Keep this in mind while How to Be guides you through your personal development process.

Don't wait for the change to come, be the change!
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