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Spirit guides are incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life. They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation.

Who are these guides?

Some guides will stay with you throughout your entire life, and others will pop in every now and again to help you with specific areas of your life or goals you are trying to achieve. These guides are at varying levels of consciousness themselves. Some may be highly ascended masters (such as Jesus) and others might be your average spirit who just happens to be a master in a certain area. They may appear to have a male or female energy, though in reality they are just energy. They may be spirits who have had physical incarnations, or they might be spirits who have never taken corporeal form. You may be the only person they are guiding, or they may be on the “panel” for other people as well. They might be deceased relatives, but that is less likely. When it’s time for your spirit guides to help you, they tune in to your energy and help direct you to fulfill your earthly mission.

You have a team of spirit guides waiting to support you. The only catch is that they cannot help you unless you ask them first.

Carefully chosen and recruited just for you, spirit guides are beings that are completely devoted to your growth. Many have had lifetimes here on earth and just like you they have their own eclectic bundle of gifts, wisdom, and experiences. Perfectly suited to your highest calling, their only job is to support you and guide you as much or as little as you wish.

Inside this Guide you will learn how to communicate with your guides to make sure you’re reaching your goals you set for yourself before you incarnated here, you’ll also learn a powerful meditation technique to talk directly to your guide! Enjoy!

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