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Work around the braves well and make friends!

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UpdatedApr 17, 2018 (2 years ago)
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【Cumulative download exceeded 600,000 "The brave was concealed by the demon king" The RPG escape game series latest work! The next hero is Demon King! 】
There was a long and long time, a monster who was alone. That demon was very strongly and unexpectedly came to be called a demon from humans and monsters.

One day, Satan saw seeing that the brave couple who came to defeat himself escaped to a close relationship. I also want myself to have such a group. And the demon decided to go on a journey to collect fellows.

However, many brave people are waiting to beat the demon king.

Can the demon king overtake the measures that brave men dazzle, and gather their fellows and build a demon army?

Monsters the Devil encounters
· Slime wearing pocket money
· Odorous zombies but former brave girls
· It should be Kerberos with three heads, but my head has become a cat
· Dirahan that is often mad
· Beautiful little girls but little beast girls
· Black knight of withdrawal
· Shy and intelligent yamata no orochi

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