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Capoeira is an element that includes dance, acrobatics and music to form a martial art of incredible beauty and power. He is known for fast and complex movements, using mainly power, speed and leverage for a wide variety of highly mobile techniques, turns and kicks. The movement in capoeira resembles the dance and is decorated with kicks to the rhythm of the music. Capoeira dance is practiced with traditional capoeira berimbau music.

In our app you will find easy to follow videos where you can learn the following techniques: the ginga, the elusive, the meia-lua in front, the cocorinha, the queixada, the balance, the negative, the paper, the army, the bancao , the martelo, the macaco, the au, the tail of arraia, the meia lua de compasso, the s-dobrado, the ponteira, the chapéu de couro, the pisao, the hook, the rins, the vingativa, Capoeira Angola vs Capoeira Regional and Capoeira Roda among others.

Capoeira as a fighting style incorporates low movements and sweeps, in the sporting field more emphasis is placed on acrobatics and ritualized demonstrations of skill. The battle in this type of fight is often accompanied by music and is called Jogo.

The capoeira fight includes all striking styles such as taekwondo, karate, kungfu, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and many more. The combination of dance, acrobatics movements, power, kicks and rhythm to the beat of the music, make this art a beautiful spectacle to see and with which one enjoys practicing it. Now you can learn it with the easy videos to learn Capoeira in this free app, follow the rhythm and learn all its techniques quickly, you will love it.

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