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Origami is the art of paper folding that originated from Japanese culture.
many folding or other forms of artwork produced by the paper.
Origami is the craft or art of Japanese paper folding. the basic material used is paper or cloth is usually square. origami outcome is the result of work that requires precision work.

Origami (折 り 紙, from ori meaning "folding", and we meaning "paper" is the traditional art of paper folding from Japan which developed into a modern art form until now.
Origami is an art of folding that originated in Japan. Materials commonly used are paper or cloth that is usually a square. An origami outcome is the result of skill or hand work very meticulous and delicate.
Generally to make origami shapes we can use plain paper, but most of origami in Japan using special paper origami memebuat. The difference between plain paper and origami paper lies in terms of design and color are very diverse so as to make origami became more beautiful and attractive. so the difference is not at all related to techniques such as paper folds becomes easier and so forth.

Art of paper folding is very popular in the land of sakura, or Japanese, refers to the art of folding paper into a shape or form images ternteu. The shape in question is can be animals, plants, or specific objects. In making origami art requires great care, patience, and perseverance.

You can create a variety of shapes as desired by the art of origami technique. Origami art is fun, because not only children, young people and parents too much to like this activity to make origami. It made origami as one of the art crafts are growing rapidly around the world. if you are looking for a tutorial origami, how to make origami, origami paper, how to craft the Japanese, the Japanese art of origami.

outline to make origami we can use ordinary paper but most of origami using special paper which is intended to make origami. the difference between khusu origami paper and plain paper only in terms of design and color are very diverse so as to make origami craft looks more beautiful and attractive

features and advantages of the application
+ Application is OFFLINE how to make origami, so you do not need an Internet connection requires an Internet connection.
+ Origami paper application is very light, because measuring only a few MB only
+ Add your insight and creativity of the art of paper folding

criticism and constructive suggestions it is expected that future applications how to make origami can be better. hopefully useful, thank you

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