We will teach you how to make squish and slime yourself for free!


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Jul 14, 2022
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How to make Slime & Squishy APP

Did you want to learn homemade squishy recipes?We will help you to make your very first squishy. In addition, the app will teach you how to make your own slime. You will need only basic ingredients which you can easily buy or find at home.Squishes can be squeezed, but they go back to their former shape. Squishes can have the form of animals, food, balls, or anything else.Also with the app you will learn: how to make fluffy slime, how to make clear slime,how to make slime and much more.Slime is pretty slug that spreads on your hand and returns to its shape. Making slime is very simple!
Squishy is a stress toy which can help you relax!
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