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Shoes are fashion accessories or accessories that are very close to women. Women wear shoes to support daily activities such as going to work, studying on campus or just hanging out in a shopping center.

The use of women's shoes that match the body shape can increase the attractiveness so that it looks more elegant and charming. The size of shoes generally uses the right Brannock and the results of the shoes are not too small or too large. actual shoelaces are available in various styles, materials, colors and sizes. and this can make choosing a new shoelace a challenge if the buyer doesn't realize what type of shoelace is needed. The benefits of shoes themselves as we know their functions and uses are to protect feet from sharp objects and gravel on the road. Shoes are also commonly used for fashion, school, work, sports, parties and so on.

Even so it's not uncommon for someone to use it
shoes without socks. The type of shoe material itself has advantages and disadvantages of each, depending
price and type of shoes. The shoelace style is also important when choosing new shoes. criticism and suggestions of its nature
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