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In all honesty, busting out spells in hopes of resurrecting the dead sounds like an all around terrible idea. You may think that bringing a loved one back to life is an amazing idea, but you have no way of knowing what you’re really bringing back. Pet Sematary, anyone? Since the dawn of time people have wanted to learn how to bring back the dead. It’s a natural reaction to want those whom you’re mourning to come back, even if it's just for one last conversation. Because of this, there are myths and legends galore about all of those who have actually found ways to do just that.

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# Be grateful
# Get your blood pumping
# How to Chant properly and what to chant
#How to Meditate More Effectively When Looking
# Practice acts of kindness
# What is an Altered State of Consciousness?
# What is Vibration?

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