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A product sales begin at the retail stores, thus it is very important to know the performances of each retail store and the people working for promoting the brand sales, in a hierarchical order. HTC has devised a new mobile application for the brands to help in smooth operational functioning as well as catering right to the competition. The HTC Sales App is having accounts for three types of employees.

- Retailers: The basic owners of the stores where HTC brand products have been showcased for sale.
- Promoters: The promoters of the individual brands, dedicatedly working to promote the sales of HTC products in the retail stores.
- Ambassadors: They decide the actual positioning, performance tracking of the promoters and the sales patterns.

The HTC Sales App is having the IMEIs of the products registered under them, which are then distributed to the regional distribution centers to reach different stores across the cities. This way, the lifecycle of each and every stock is available to the accounted person in real time. Also, the application is having an intelligent feature to tap the competitive market intelligence and scope of training and development for their sellers.

Sales Channel Productivity:
- Attendance Tracking: Ensure full channel productivity.
- Effective incentive implementation: Reduce unmerited incentives by rewarding billed sales only.
- Channel training: Know training requirements & provide training in real-time.
Shorter Sales Cycle:
- Maximum channel throughput with optimal inventory in the supply chain and increased retail billing.
- Real-time feedback on sales performance against target.
- Get Real-time Market intelligence on competitor strategies: Price drops, new schemes, launches, promotions etc…
Market Leadership
- NewTel Smartpartner App is an easy to use tool for intelligent channel sales management providing the product owners total control over their business.

How are we different from other apps ?

- An accurate sales reports resulting to accurate analysis and correct strategic implementations.
- One application catering to three different leads of retail operations, thereby maintaining an effective control and communication from the brands.
- A full-fledged real time knowledge about the lifecycle of countless products/services in one go through their IMEIs number. This contributes to the credibility of the seller towards the product brands, and also keeps a tight check on unregistered sales.
- The free channels of communication between the brands and the retailers will be extremely helpful in tackling the bottlenecks in the complicated operational cycles.
- Effective inventory management through product IMEI tracking, swap information between the stores and updates on the left over stocks.
- Gap fulfillment in the training and development of the sellers through direct request send options to the respective brands to avail the required product training.
- Region based store performance reports to understand the areas of opportunities and default for a brand.
- A check on the market through fast reporting of the competitive activities for real time strategy formation.

Email: support@newtel.in

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