HUDWAY Drive: HUD for any car APK

Stay connected while driving with maps, calls, texts & music projected on HUD

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UpdatedSep 15, 2020 (1 month ago)
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It’s how you drive focused and stay connected at the same time!

With HUDWAY Drive HUD unit (hudway.co/drive) you keep your eyes on the road ahead without compromising the comfort of staying connected. The app seamlessly delivers notifications, incoming calls, navigation directions to the portable heads-up display device set on the dashboard.

This is how you’ll revise the experience of driving with a smartphone — when there’s no need to check it, when you instantly receive all the information you selected to receive — and respond hands- and hassle-free*.

Why HUDWAY Drive?

— Stay aware and connected: your smartphone alerts are transmitted to the front of your eyes, while you can keep your phone in your pocket
— Be in full control over what is displayed — and enable what’s relevant to you.
— Keep track of your vehicle data (speed, torque, fuel economy, etc.) on a virtual dashboard**
— Know what you’re listening to — never lower your eyes to check on the track you switch to.
— Save on fines for using the phone while driving
— Avoid increased insurance rate for distracted driving
— Experience the comfort of a hi-end safety option in any car you own or rent
— Use it with your favorite navigation app — mirror Waze or Google Maps to HUD.

HUDWAY Drive is what makes navigation with a smartphone safer, more comfortable, and less-distracted. Try it and see for yourself!

Learn more here: https://hudway.co/drive

* For example, using a Bluetooth headset, or steering wheel buttons.
** Requires connecting a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner

What's New

This is the first version of the app that serves to sync your phone and HUDWAY Drive.
It allows to set up widget views, create routes and navigate them, as well as mirror other apps from your phone to the heads-up display.

Email: support@hudway.co

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