Experience the Hunger.io to remove your hunger with the biggest blackhole

Hunger.io has now brought the bigger black hole for eating bigger objects like houses, buildings, cars, people, and other things. Eat things in your path through the biggest black hole in the game world. Eat your enemies, super villains, and evil monsters through your biggest black hole of the eating city.
The eating city is filled with different objects to eat like signals, poles, cars, trucks, bikes, cycles, and even humans. This black hole game has a void hole which has to eat anything in its path. Participate in blackhole battlegrounds with your friends against your enemies. Eat different people on the different blackhole battlegrounds in the blackhole city.
Drag different matter objects in your bigger blackhole and increase your blackhole size. The bigger your black hole is, the more eating capacity you have. The famous blackhole has the biggest size in all the black holes of the eating world. Play blackhole battles and take part in amazing blackhole tournaments.
This is a live online multiplayer blackhole game in which you have to pull things towards your hungry black hole. You can also play offline this hunger.io game with AI players. The AI players are highly intelligent and skillful who give a tough competition. There are many trees to eat and benches to digest which help your black hole to increase its size.
Play this addictive blackhole game for endless game challenges. This circle controlling game has huge buildings, supercars, benches, grounds, trees, gardens, signals, and poles. The buildings are tall and the cars are super fast. Play this competitive game to eat various things and objects. Eat as many things as you can with your bigger black hole.
$$$ Hunger.io- Bigger Blackhole Features $$$
$ Eat Multiple Objects
$ Hungry Blackhole
$ Fierce Battles
$ Endless Blackhole
$ Speedy Cars
$ Bigger Buildings
$ Super Grand City
$ Colorful Cars, Colorful Buildings, Colorful Houses
Eat buildings, people, cars, and other items to survive and have a big black hole. Eat huge buildings and remove your hunger. Play with your friends, family, and enemies to defeat them all. There are colorful houses and colorful buildings in this fast-paced multiplayer blackhole game. There are also colorful cars, colorful bright houses, and other colorful vehicles. Download this action-arcade game now to experience the best black hole game and eat things.
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What's New

Release Notes:
o Improved Speed of Blackhole
o Created the big city
o Improved the eating ability of Blackhole
o Reduced Ads, now enjoy endlessly
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Version6.0 (6)
Updated2018-11-13 (1 year ago)
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